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Engineered wood can still absorbs moisture, just like natural wood.

Engineered wood is made up of leftover wood fibers that have been pressed with a resin binder and wax; and then sealed with a water-resistant top coat. Once that top seal has been broken down by the elements, your engineered wood can absorb moisture and can start to act like real wood… real fast. Our paint for siding creates a tight molecular, cross-linked bond that repels water and prevents unsightly blistering.

You might need to reseal your engineered wood sooner than you thought.

Many engineered wood products come prefinished by their manufacturers using their specially-formulated coatings. Other times, the siding contractor will arrange the application of the top coat, choosing an inferior latex product to seal your siding. If you can see visible signs of coating degradation, such as premature fading, discoloration and powdering, it means it’s time to reseal and rebuild.


Our coating respects the beauty of your engineered wood.

Engineered wood offers the natural look of wood without all the maintenance. Our paint for siding helps rebuild the protective seal on your siding, all while leaving it’s natural, wood-grain texture in tact.

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Here’s one of our favorite engineered wood transformations!

By harmonizing with its natural surroundings, this home now fits in.

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Anne D.

Sherbrooke, QC

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